Spaghetti Straws Extruder


As we all know, more and more countries have introduced “plastic limit orders.” The harm of plastic products, including plastic straws, to the environment has been increasingly proven. Therefore, our company has introduced a new type of edible straws spaghetti straws extruder. Spaghetti Straws has the characteristics of being edible, pure natural, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Its raw materials can be rice flour, flour, straw flour, etc., without adding any plastic components, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the environment.

Advantages of Our Spaghetti Straws Extruder
Edible spaghetti straws extruder by our machine edible straws produced by other companies
In terms of shape, our straw cut can be flat or oblique. The oblique is easy to use and more popular. The cutout of the straw made by other companies can only be flat
In terms of quality, our straws have a longer soaking time. Soaked in warm water for 12 hours, the straw will not be scattered and dissolved The straws produced by other companies have a shorter holding time and are easily dissolved and scattered
In terms of appearance, the straws we produce have a smooth appearance and strong toughness; and the length of the straws can be adjusted arbitrarily; the color of our straws is natural and has good transparency The straws produced by other companies have rough surface, fragile and easy to crack; the length is fixed; the color is mixed, and the color is dim
In terms of raw materials, the raw materials of our straws can be rice flour, corn flour, starch, straw flour, wheat flour, etc. The raw material needed by other companies can only be rice  flour
Technicial Parameter of Corn Starch Straw Making Machine
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size (L*W*H)
DRS- 110 55KW     30KW 100-200kg/h 3200x1500x1650mm
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