Biodegradable Rice Drinking Straw Processing Line


Biodegradable rice drinking straws processing line adopt the advanced extrusion curing to process the pure grain and degradable industrial products; it take rice flour&cassave flour and other flour as material, through the extrusion processing, it is produced into daily edible straws, degradable and environmentally friendly straws. Edible straw making machine process is consistent with the environmental protection concept advocated in recent years, and solves the serious problem of disposable plastic products polluting the

environment.Rice Straw made by Edible straw making machine has a smooth surface and a colorful appearance. The appearance is the same as that of ordinary plastic straws,and It is also easy to drink juice or milk tea or other beverages. Biodegradable rice drinking straws can last 2-3 hours in hot drinks and longer in cold drinks. The most special point is it can be eaten directly after be used. As its the characteristics of environmental protection ,Biodegradable rice drinking straws widely used in hotels, bars, restaurants and beverage markets.

Advantages of rice straw making machine
Edible straw made by rice straw making machine Plastic straw
1 Rice flour, wheat flour ,cassava flouras raw material Plastic
2 Can be eat after be used Can not be eat
3  Can degrade which can protect the environment Difficult to degrade and harm the environment
4 Hot drinking and cold drinking Cold drinking
Details of Biodegradable Rice Drinking Straw Processing Line
Material: 75% rice and 25% cassava
Finished Product Straw diameter   6-12mm  , the shape can be   long or short.
Application Biodegradable drinking straws,spaghetti straws,pasta drinking straws,drinking rice straw ,,drinking rice straw ,edible straw,corn starch straw edible rice flour drinking straw ,wheat straw
Rice Drinking Straw Processing Line
Mixing machine  → Screw Hoister → Extruder → Cooler→Special cutting machine →  Drying equipment → Packaging Machine
Mixer: Mix rice flour, tapioca flour and water in proportion
Screw Hoister Convey the stirred materials to the next machine-the extruder.The motor is used for power screw conveying to ensure convenient and fast feeding.
Extruder: Rice, cassava, etc. can be used as raw materials to produce edible and degradable rice straw equipment. Extrusion, curing, forming.
Cooler Lengthen the cooler with a fan to quickly reduce the temperature of the straw material.
Special cutting machine Cutting the rice straw, the cutter speed was adjustable, the length of the straw can be adjusted .There 2 type knife working together,then the head of the cut straw is flat, and another end of straw is beveled.which more convenient for drinking.
Drying equipment Drying the shaped rice straws for later packaging and transportation.
Technicial Parameter of Corn Starch Straw Making Machine
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size (L*W*H)
DRS- 110 55KW     30KW 100-200kg/h 3200x1500x1650mm
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