Biodegradable Drinking Straws Machine


As people’s awareness of environmental protection has increased, more and more countries have issued laws prohibiting plastics in the past month. How to choose an economical and convenient material instead of plastic products? Our company has developed an biodegradable drinking straws machine that can extrude rice flour and other food powders through extrusion molding, cooling and drying to produce a degradable straw. This straw made by automatic biodegradable drinking straw making machine can be kept in the beverage for 12-24 hours without deformation. It even Can be eaten by people ,in this way can reduce the usage of the plastic straw.

Advantages of Our Biodegradable Drinking Straws Machine
 Our Biodegradable Drinking Straws Machine Other Biodegradable Drinking Straws Machine
Mixer 1.Variable speed adjustment is possible. 1. Variable speed adjustment is not possible.
2.Energy saving, environmental protection, biodegradable. 2.Non-degradable
3.The raw materials are generally pure natural materials, and the colors of the products are basically the colors of pure natural raw materials. 3.The color is caused by adding pigments.
4.You can make straws of different colors. 4.Only one color can be made.
5.There is a funnel to add water and oil. Prevent dust from entering. 5.No funnel.
6.There are movable wheels under the mixer. 6.No wheels
Extruder 1.We have matching molds to adjust the thickness, wall thickness, and diameter of the straws. Different molds can be adjusted according to customer needs. 1.Only one thickness can be chosen.
2.The straw can be soaked for a very long time. 2.It can only last for tens of minutes.
3.Adding water pipes makes it easy to clean the screw and reduce the process of people taking water. When the material is dry, it is easy to add water to increase the humidity. 3.No water pipe.
4.The cooling water pipe is closed to the barrel insulation cover, which is more hygienic and easy to clean. The barrel insulation cover has a handle for easy removal. 4.Not easy to clean.
5.Comes with stairs for easy observation of feeder materials. 5.There are no stairs and it is not easy to observe.
6.The control cabinet is compact, reduces space and is easy to operate. 6.Not easy to operate.
7.The electrical device toolbox is embedded in the machine, which is convenient to take and facilitate the maintenance and operation of the equipment. 7.No toolbox.
Cooling Line 1.The length of the cooling line can also be increased or decreased according to customer requirements. 1.The length is unchanged.
2.The first half is a large fan, and the second half is a small fan, which can quickly cool down the product. The cooling line will have a fan every one meter to assist in cooling down. 2.Fans are sparse.
3.The cooler also has an independent control cabinet and a distribution device. 3.There is no separate control cabinet.
Cutting Machine 1.Our factory has its own patented cutting machine, which is currently the only one in the entire Jinan market. 1.Without patents.
Our cutting machine is the first cutting machine in China to achieve a combination of straight and oblique cutting.
2.The cut-off part of the contact material is made of stainless steel. 2.Not stainless steel.
3.Variable frequency speed regulation, can adjust the length of the straw. 3.The speed cannot be adjusted.
4.The shape of the cut can be adjusted. There are flat cuts and 45 degree bevel cuts. 4.The shape cannot be adjusted.
5.Straight cut and bevel cut are integrated, only need to switch with one button on the control cabinet button under the machine. 5.It is not easy to switch between straight cutting and oblique cutting.
Disc Dryer Machine 1.Spiral tower drying, small footprint and adjustable length. 1.It covers a large area.
2.Electricity, air energy, fuel gas heating, different configurations can be made according to different needs. 2.There is only one heating method.
3.After the material is discharged, there is a conveyor to dehumidify twice during the conveying process. 3.No dehumidification twice.
4.The temperature can be adjusted. 4.The temperature cannot be adjusted.
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