Ro Water Treatment Equipment


Purified water preparation system can effect pharmaceutical water directly,itsubmits to GMP critical system.
RO equipment are designed for application in a wide range of purified water preparation of pharmaceutical plant and core equipment.
Reverse osmosis is also called opposite osmosis relative to “osmosis”.
Osmosis is a process of water from the dilute solution flows to concentrate through the semipermeable membrane automatically.
For the reverse osmosis,in the action of applied pressure,water from the concentrate flows to the dilute solution,it is un-optionala.

EDL(Electro-de-ionization) device belongs to precision water system which is generally coordinated with RO,it is also called continuous electro deionization,it brings electrodialysis and ion exchange technology together as one,By the action of electric field,ion directional movement then removes the salts.The working of EDI also a process of resin rebirth continuoysly,EDI device can fully satisfy the demands.The EDI device can produce the ultra pure water which the resistivity reaches 15M.CM.

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