ZS-3L Type Full Automatic Suppository Filling And Sealing Machine Line


Suppositories production line: 4000-5000 pcs/hour
Suppositories Line Instructions:
Apply Matrix: synthetic fatty acid glycerides gelatin/glycerol/polyethylene glycol (peg), etc Type suppository Suppository Production Line Shape: warhead types/duck/fish mouth and other special shapes

Suppositories Production Line Work Process:

Rolls of wrapping film (P V C, C/P V P E, double aluminum composite membrane) after the equipment shell making molding are fed into the infusion process, have mix liquid filling automatically by the high precision metering pump into suppository shell, then it got behind a suppository particles, according to the preset length automatically cut into segments and into the cooling device cooling, through some time to make the liquid solidification cooling device, into a suppository particles through the cooling device of a period (also known as liquid cooled) entered the stage of the seal, plastic at the same time, the batch number, finally further cut to shape.

Suppositories Production Line Technical Features:

Wide adaptability, pourable viscosity larger matrix and traditional Chinese medicine products. PLC programming control and man-machine interface operation, high degree of automation;Temperature control precision;Bucket of large capacity, stable operation, reservoir temperature cycle for liquid and liquid level automatic control device ensure when stop liquid solidify, depending on the substrate material stirring barrels of drugs, uniform cooling rate can be adjusted after filling.If a shell making incomplete, deviation of filling automatically weed out unqualified products.Cover an area of an area small, easy to adjust.

Technical Parameter

Output 4,000—5,000 pcs/h single dosage 0.5—5ml
Dosage allowed <±2% Packaging Film PVC\PE  (thickness0.15mm)
Stirring tank capacity 20L Air pressure ≥0.7Mpa
Air consumption/min 0.6m3 Water consumption/h 50kg (recycling)
Working voltage 3 phase 380V total power 3KW
Adopt forming shapes Bullet, torpedo and duck shapes and other shapes Machine Weight 1500KG
Adapt Material Synthetic fatty acid glycerol, glycerin gelatin, polyethylene glycol etc Each distance of suppository 17.4mm
Overall dimensions U-type: (L)2,270mm×(W)2,000mm×(H)1,760mm U-type: (L)2,270mm×(W)2,000mm×(H)1,760mm U-type: (L)2,270mm×(W)2,000mm×(H)1,760mm

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