LCZ Pure Steam Generator


LCZ series purity stem generator, both the production of “saturation” pure steam, while the production of “over-hearting” pure steam, is not only the pharmaceutical, health care products factory, hospital , chemical and biological research and other departments can not be a lack of disinfection, sterilization of high-purity steam production of special equipment, but also a washing machine plug, wet disinfection and sterilization of the best cabinet manufactures equipment.

At present, the pure steam generator at home and abroad can only output “saturation” pure steam, the long-range(for example, more than 100m) sterilization of the disinfection of equipment, due to arrive at the use of steam has been generated when a large amount of condensation water, has not are pure steam, but water and steam saturation of the mixed fluid, so the effect of very poor disinfection sterilization, in particular, more than 300 meters distance disinfection by steam syerilization equipment, there is simply not the purpose of disinfection sterilization.

This product is equipped with”overheating” pure steam generator, can be output”overheating” pure steam, on the long-distance sterile equipment, the “overheating” pure steam before reaching the point-of-use, flow resistance and heat dissipation effect of the steam pipe may be the elimination of “overheating” pure steam “superheat” , without condensation of water into the “saturation” pure steam generator,so(150-2000m) distance of the points with steam sterilization disinfection, is still short, the advantages of good effect, the advantages are all at home and aborad do not have pure steam generator, and it is the patented product innovation. Sterile quipment for long-distance, the distance should be based on an appropriate increase in net increase in steam “superheat” in order to ensure pure steam of “overheating” of maintaining longer, and thus arrive at the use of steam to ensure purity point.

Technical Parameter

Model LCZ200 LCZ500 LCZ1000 LCZ2000
Production Capacity(Kg) 200 500 1000 2000
Heating Steam Exhaust(Kg) 325 1100 1770 3300
Water Exhaust(Kg) 585 1120 1800 3400
Overall Dimension(mm) 1000*700*2100 1100*750*3000 1400*950*3700 1500*1150*4000
Weight(Kg) 370 550 950 1300
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