Industrial Popcorn Popper Making Machines


Our industrial industrial popcorn popper making machines adopt the newest design ,it can make the corn to popcorn with safe operation and low noise, gas heating or electrical hearing ,put the corn into the pot of industrial popcorn popper, you can get delicious popcorn after 2-3 can also add different flavors, such ascaramel, cream and spiced salt etc. To make different flavors popcorn, welcomed by adult and children.the industrial popcorn making machine made all by quality stainless steel materials ,simple structure,high efficient heating element.

Parameter of raw material and finished Products
Finished Products Both ball shape and flower shape,round caramel popcorn
Raw material Proportion:oil,corn and sugar is 1:2:1.5
Application It is suitable for restaurant, super market, snack shop, shopping plazza, snack food making plant.
Parameter of popcorn machine
Item Industrial Popcorn Machine Traditional Air Popcorn Machine
Popcorn Machine


Safe,No noise Dangerous,Big noise
Popcorn Machine


Made by stainless steel. Carton steel
popcorn type Both ball shape and flower shape,round caramel popcorn Cant not do ball shape popcorn
Output 2 minutes/batch. 10-15minutes/batch
 Configuration Finished popcorn will dropped on the cooling box to collection Finished pop corn easy goes everywhere when open the air pump
Popcorn Machine workshop Clean,Easy Operation Need bigger place
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