Automatic Continuous Deep Fat Fryers Machine


Automatic continuous deep fat fryer machine is used to fry potato chips, doritos chips, fried snacks, french fries, peanuts, onions, chicken meats, pellet snacks, kurkure, Nik Naks, chataka pataka, Twisties, Bingo and many other foods. China Industrial Fryer manufacturer have many experience and rich knowledge, can provide you customized commercial continuous fryer machines according to your needs and requirements.

Continuous fryers equipmeent composed of several systems: wire belt convening system, wire belt lifting system, oil temperature control system, and oil circulatory system.

The Commercial continuous fryer machine can use electricity, oil, gas and coal heating. To prevent excess oil oxidation, our frying machines heat central section of oil layer, and control the temperature of upper and lower layer oil. Continuous deep fat fryer have double layer belt, can fry the products evenly, the products frying between two layers of wire belts, so that they can not run away freely. The stainless steel wire belt can transport the products with adjustable speeds.o prolong the oil’s life span, our continuous fryer machine can automatically filter the oil, control the oil’s temperature during the continuous food fryers process.

Technical Parameters Of Commercial Continuous Fryer Machine
Frying Equipment Model Heating Power  Heating Temperature Output Size (L*W*H)
LYCF-L(electric fryer) 97kw/h ~250℃ 300kg/h 3000x1200x2100mm
LYCF-G (Gas/Diesel) 6-20.5m³/h(Gas)


~250℃ 300kg/h 3000x1200x2100mm
LYCF-L-2 (electric fryer) 122kw/h ~250℃ 400-500kg/h 4000x1300x2200mm
LYCF-G-2 (Gas/Diesel) 35m³/h(Gas),

8-41kg/h (Diesel)

~250℃ 400-500kg/h 4000x1300x2200mm
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