Industrial Deep Fryer Machine Systems


The industrial deep fryer design is frying equipment supplier development for industrial use. The Industrial Fryer Machine consists of Conveyor Vibratory Feeder , Continuous Fryer,Oil Remover/Separator,Oil Recovery/Supply System oil filter, Vertical Heat Exchanger (LPG/LNG), Electrical Line Control Panel. Continuous Fryer is full automatic with hign capacity and continuous frying process for large scale snack manufacturers. Commercial deep fryer have wide applications, like fried snacks, pellet snacks, dougn snacks, beans, nuts, fresh vegetables, onions, potato chips, banana chips, plantain chips etc.commercial deep fryer have single and double belt for different food to choose.Also the frying process line including the oil tanks, pumps, pipe and programs for choose, they will help to monitor the oil level, feed oil, filter oil automatically, this can save many cost.

NO. NAME Frying system composition(Fryer Machine System)
1 Conveyor Send the pellets evenly to the conveyor avoiding piling up
2 VIBRATE FEEDER Send the products evenly to frying system, for separating fine extraneous material through sieving system
3 continuous fryer Using different belt conveyor to fry different snacks and make sure the snack with good color and delicious taste.( Beside the frying machine
4 Oil Remover/Separator The conveyor receives pellets from fryer and dischargers it to further process. It allows the product temperature to come to equilibrium and thus removing excess surface oil
5 Seasoningmachine The mixing of flavor is uniform on the product.
Industrial Gas Fryer Machine For choose as follow
6 BURNER It is Coil type- heated oil will be heating inside and coming out and will go to the fryer. Whole burnt fuel used in this system that gives you more than 55% saving in Fuel.
Oil Recovery/Supply System as follow
10 OIL TANK 1000L (OLD OIL) A double jacketed stainless steel oil Tank will be supplied with the fryer for storing fresh and used oil.
11 OIL TANK 1000L  (NEW OIL)
12 OIL FILTER Improve the appearance of fried foods, make the products not black, and remove black spots
13 Rough Filter
14 Vacuum Filter
15 Installation material(tube, valve)(OPTIONAL) Ensure the recycling of the oil circuit in the continuous frying production line



Frying Equipment Model Power  Heating Temperature Output Size (L*W*H)
FMS-300 4.3KW ~250℃ 100-300kg/h 13000x1200x3000mm
FMS-400 4.3KW ~250℃ 300-500kg/h 163000x1200x3000mm
FMS-500 4.9KW ~250℃ 500-800kg/h 25100x1300x4000mm
FMS-650 6.85KW ~250℃ 800-1000kg/h 28000x1300x4000mm
FMS-800 10KW ~250℃ 1000-1300kg/h 31000x1300x4000mm
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