Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machine


As the economy fast develop, more and more popcorn factory need to expand production. Traditional small automatic popcorn maker cannot meet the needs of the factory. The automatic large popcorn making machine is an automated industrialized food processing equipment, integrates heating and mixing function together, Large Commercial popcorn making machine ,characterized by large capacity, fast heating and fast production. It is suitable for commercial use, and the pot body was made from food grade stainless steel,easy cleaning ,safety operation,Less labor and good price.

Large popcorn machine 
Finished Products Both ball shape and flower shape,round caramel popcorn
Raw material Proportion:oil,corn and sugar is 1:2:1.5
Application It is suitable for super market, snack factory,   snack food making plant.
What are the advantages about large popcorn machine
Safety Safety to the operator ,no big noise, no blasting
Easy Operation Automatic operation with push buttons, PLC touch screen is customized as requested.
Highly output High productivity with 100kg popcorns per hour.
Cleaning The pot body is made of 304 stainless steel, to ensure that the pot is flat and smooth, without welding gaps, easy to clean,
Mixing uniform Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, fully automatic stirring, maintaining stable stirring speed to ensure the quality of popcorn
Easy discharge Bowl can be tilted 90 degrees automatically to allow popcorn  completely discharged.
unique design  mixing blade of the mixing pulp is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.
Model Voltage Dimension(mm) Weight Output
LPM-1 380V 1700*640*1060 110kg 1.5-5kg/time
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