Fried Dough Snack Machine


The fried dough snack machine is suitable for pressing flour and other raw materials through multiple pressing rollers. It is cut into different shapes by a special mechanism , After frying and flavoring by fryer machine, drum flavoring machine, we can get crispy and delicious snacks food.such as Malaysia Shrimp Pasta ,fried sticks,square pellet,chips. Etc.We can offer full design processing machine and recipe for processing fried dough snack .The fried dough snack has reasonable design and simple operation.

Products Raw material
FRIED  stick snack,fried pellet snack  potato starch, corn starch and flour,sugar,salt ,oil etc.
1 Mixing machine Mixing flour and water, other material together, moderate speed.stainless steel material
2 Rolling pressing Machine Pressing and rolling the material,Pressing the dough to flat by rollers,and cutting dough flat to stick statue.the thickness and the shape of material can be adjustable.
3 Cutting machine Cutting machine with conveyor transport and cut off the two functions traction is generally used to cut long, long tubes and other shapes of small food, like salads, fries, pipe, expanded or extruded semi-circle and other food.
4 Hoister Used to enhance the product to reach the frying machine
5 Frying Machine Used to fried foods..with oil filiter ,oil tank.Can be gas or electrical heating.
6 Flavoring machine Used to adjust the taste, flavor and seasoning injector with single drum .
1 The frying equipment can adopt different heating source according to customer local situation ,can be heat by  electricity, coal, thermal oil or natural gas as heating energy
2 The cover and belt of frying equipment can be   lifting automatic,    easy cleaning.Simple operation, safe, convenient maintenance
3 Automatic fryer machine With Oil Circulation System which can keep the lifetime of the oil.Save frying processing cost.
4 Automatic fryer machine Using the upper and lower double-layer mesh belt transmission, the product is sandwiched between the double-layer mesh belt to avoid product floating. Network belt transmission adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Controllable frying time
5 Widely Usage  frying equipment :can be used at french fries frying.Chicken frying, chips frying ,nuts frying,  snack frying,meat frying ,fish frying etc.
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