Fried Bugle Chips Snack Machine


Fried bugle chips snack machine adopt twin screw extruding technology ,whole processing line includes mixing ,extruding ,shaping ,frying and flavoring ,cooling packing process,with simple process and high effciency . The raw materials can be wheat flour ,rice powder,corn powder individually or their mixture,Only by changing the mould , shaping or cutting machine, the shapes can be various ,such as stick,square,sheet rib chips , diamond chips,wavy chips,pillow shapes and bugles etc. Various flavors can be added according to different customers prefer, shch as tomato flavor, chicken flavor, seafood flavor, beef flavor, honey flavor and so on.

Equipment Introduction of the Fried  Bugle Chips Snack Machine
Mixing machine Mix flour and other water with a certain proportion to mix it evenly. .
Screw hoister Deliver the material powder to next device extruder
Double -screw extruder Its the mainly part in dough extruder machine ,it  including feeding system extrusion system ,rotary cutting system,heating system, transmission system.puffing&cooking the mixed material with the high temperature and high pressure,then push out extruder to different shape through the molds.
 Pulling&cutting machine(Shaping machine) Cutting machine :Cutting the material out from extruder to sticks shape.
Shaping machine :shaping the material out from extruder to differernt shapes by printing rollers,such as    triangles, small gourds, small fish, horns, etc.
Automatic frying pan(continuous frying machine): Frying the semi-finished snacks,to make it more delicious,longer storage time , and the color is more beautiful.
Automatic frying machine and continuous frying machine can be selected.
Vibrate de-oil cooler Remove extra oil by shifting ,in the mean time,cooling the snack to make it more crispy.
Seasoning line: There are octagonal barrels, cylinders, lifting single drum and double drum seasoning lines, which are configured according to different output.
Cooling conveyor Cooling the finished snack chips to make it more crispy
Packing Machine Packing the snacks into different packing style.
Advantage  Of The Fried  Bugle Chips Snack Machine
Fully Automatic Highly  Automtic ,Save Labour  For Manufacturer
Muti-Functional Can Produce Many Different Type Snacks By Changing Molds Or Shaping Machine ,Such As Chips,Stick,Budgles,Doritos Etc.Which Much Profitable.
Flexible Placement Can Be Placed According To Different Factory Situation
Environmental Protection No Waste, No Pollution For Air ,Water.



1 The series twin screw machine is composed of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system and control system.
2  The screws are made by alloy steel (38CrMoAL) ,the life of the screw is longer, and the individual equipment adopts the building block combination structure, which can be arbitrarily combined according to different production
3 The gearbox has automatic lubrication function, with extends gear life.
4 Visual automatic temperature control system to make temperature control more intuitive and parameters more clearly
5 The double screw has a self-cleaning function, no need to remove the screw out to clean it when the machine is stopped
6 Choose different models and configurations to processing  different products.

Such as puffing snack,core filled snacks,fried snacks,baby cereal snacks, breakfast cereal snacks etc.


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