Dog Treat Biscuit Making Machine


Dog Treat Biscuit Making Machines is a new innovation of extruder machine manufacturer engineers, dog biscuit extruder machine technology enables pet food makers to control all process parameters, so that they can uses different kinds of materials with scientific configuration and extrusion produce exactly the features for dog training treats including chewiness, crispiness, color (including multi-color processing), degree of hardness or suppleness, size, shape, airiness, flavor, etc. The pet food extrusion process can cater to specific criteria: animal species, size, gender, age, energy requirements, health virtues, etc. pet Extruder machine can integrate a wide range of ingredients into pet treats formulations and can also include additives such as texturing agents and flavor enhancers. Extruder machine suppliers has been providing reliable pet food extruders that meet customer requirements.

Dog Treat Machinery Parameter
Model Installed power Power consumption Output Size
DTM65-100 Single color 37.7kw 20kw 60-100kg/h 12000*1200*2500mm
DTM65-100 Double color 71.7kw 35kw 60-120kg/h 13000*4000*2500mm
DTM75-III  79KW  59KW  200-300kg/h  27500X3000X2700mm
DTM85-III  120KW  90KW  250-500kg/h  28500X3300X3500mm
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