The cat/dog food produced by this dog food production machine is characterized by high protein content, complete nutrition. General grains, such as soybean meal, corn meal, cracked wheat, and barely, are often used to improve the consistency of the products. The meat is mixed with the other ingredients. Dry pet food has a shelf life of about 10 to 12 months. And micro-elements can be added to promote rapid growth of pet. Different pet food can be made by changing the ancillary machines by moulds. The dog food manufacturing process line can also be used in manufacturing other pet food, such as bird food, fish food.

What Is Equipment In Dog Treat Food Processing?
Dog Bone Making Machine   


Dog Bone Making Machine   

Equipment List

Function Of Dog Food Manufacturing Process Line:
Flour Mixing Process Flour Mixing Machine Mixer Makes The Raw Material Which Adding Water And Liquid Chemical Additive Fully Mixer Equally. The Machine Mixers The Flour And Prepares Them Ready To Be Used In The Next Step.
Dog Food Material Conveyor Process Dog Food Material Conveyor 1. Twin Screw Instead Of One Screw Which Will Be More Strong Powerful

2. It Can Be Opened Easily By Locker Which Will Be Easily Cleaned

3. The Exclusive Design Of New Technology Of Conveyor, Conveying More Stable And Continuous.

Dog Food Extrusion Machine


Dog Food Twin Screw Extrusion Machine  1. This Dog Food Extrusion Machine Is Consisting Of Feeding System, Extruding System, Cutting System, Heating System And Controlling System.

2. Dog Food Extrusion Machine Can Process Various Materials, Frequency Speed-Controlling, High Automation, Stable Per Formation, Long Life.

3. Longer Life: Uses Special Material And Technology, Endure Fray.

Dog Food Process Dog Food Drying Machine 1. The Oven Has The Compact Structure, Small Occupying, Large Drying Area, Small Surface Area, Slight Radiating Heat And High Thermal Efficiency.

2. The Belt And The Heat Preservation Use The Stainless Steel; It Is Suitable For Food Industry.

3. The Running Speed Of Belt Net Can Be Controlled (Frequency)

4. The Temperature Can Be Controlled Willfully And Designed According To The Need.

5. Heat With Infrared Ray Heating Tube, Raise And Lower Down Temperature Quickly, Small Heat Inertia And High Heat Efficiency.

6. Adjustable Transit Speed Of Net Belt With Accurate Temperature Control Device.

7. Double-Roller Chain And Chain Drive Make Stable And Smooth Running.

8. Sliding Board Bottom Of Dryer For Easy Cleaning.

9. Suitable To Dry Non-Fried Extrusion Snacks, Nutritional Powder, Bread Crumb, Pet Food, Soybean Protein, Etc.

Dog Food Packing Dog Food Packing Machine Packaging And Storage Conditions: The Suitable Storage Conditions For Dog Food Are Low Temperature, Dryness, Air Circulation, Clean Air, And Avoid Sunlight. The Storage Temperature Should Be Around 20℃, And The Relative Humidity Should Not Exceed 70-75%. Packaging Materials: Tinplate, Cardboard, Polyethylene Plastic Bags, Wax Paper, Etc., 500g, 250g.
Formula Of Dog Food Extrusion Machine   
Ingredient Proportion
1. Corn 35%
2. Flour 15%
3. Bean Without Bean Oil 10%
4. Soybean Powder 4%
5. Fish Powder 10%
6. Meat Powder 10%
7. Bran 10%
8. Oil 3%
9. Bone Powder 2%
10.Salt 1%
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