Automatic Cat Food Machine

Formula Of Automatic Cat Food Machine
Ingredient Proportion
Corn: 35%
Flour: 15%
Bean without bean oil: 10%
Fish powder : 10%
Meat powder: 10%
Bran: 10%
Oil: 3%
Bone powder: 2%
Salt: 3%
Water: 18%
Equipment Of Cat Food Machine
Mixer Mix the used corn flour, wheat flour, soybean meal, rice bran, wheat bran, fish meal, bone meal, and other raw materials evenly.
 Screw conveyor The raw materials are conveyed to the twin-screw extruder in the form of conveying at various angles.
Twin-screw extruder Extrude and expand the raw materials, change the production process, change the mold, and process and produce various shapes of dog food, such as round, heart-shaped, and bone-shaped.
Air conveyor Transport the prepared dog food to the dryer.
Dryer High-temperature drying quickly removes excess water and prolongs the shelf life of dog food.
Hoist Convey the dried dog food to the seasoning line
Seasoning line Modulate dog food into different flavors, such as chicken flavor, beef flavor, etc., to make the palatability of dog food better.
Technical Parameter Of Automatic Cat Food Machine
Host Model
LY65 pet food equipment
LY70 pet manufacturing machine
LY75 Automatic Cat Food Machine
Power and voltage
Installed Capacity
Heating Source
Electrical, Gas
Electrical, Gas
Electrical, Gas
Production capacity
Production line length
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