The Importance of Animal Feed in the Value-Added Product Sector

Nutritious food is an essential for the daily life of all living beings. Since the ancient times, people have sought and consumed food necessary for their survival, including clean and fresh vegetables, meat, and fish. As the global population grows, the countries worldwide strive to ensure adequate meat, fish, and food supplies.

In Myanmar, the agriculture and animal husbandry are prioritized to achieve food security and enable for the export opportunities. With fertile, irrigated land, Myanmar is well-positioned for livestock development. According to the surveys in the country, the agricultural and animal husbandry production activities include buffalo, cow, goat, pork, and poultry farming. Efforts are being made to raise high-quality animals, aiming to enhance both for domestic sales and exports.

Traditionally, the rural farmers in Myanmar have raised livestock in natural pastures, ensuring good growth and development. To boost production, farmers now use the most nutritious, high-quality raw materials such as beans, sesame seeds, soybeans, and corn bran. These ingredients are enriched with vitamins and minerals, formulated into advanced ready-to-eat animal feeds.

The Role of Quality Animal Feed

The quality livestock feed is essential for every animal development, health, and productivity. Feeds made from ingredients like peanuts, millet, dry grass, barley, and wheat provide necessary proteins, minerals, and vitamins for the cattle, pork, chicken, sheep, and goats.

Properly produced feed ensures well-nourished animals, leading to rapid growth, high fertility rates, and low mortality rates. This results in higher profits and boosts the country’s economy. Proper nutrition is crucial for healthy of animals, contributing to high-quality product production and the economic sustainability of livestock industries.

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