A Glimpse of the Importance of Valued Added Product Sector of Sauces, Pastes and Jam in Daily Consumption

Well noted to know that the nutrients can be obtained from eating nutritious food which is needed for the human being’s health alive and body’s survival.

Humans who are struggling and moving every day have to survive because of the support of nutrition. Nutrition is the best support for health and growth, so it’s important to eat nutritious meals throughout the day. It is necessary for not only to eat nutritious food, but also to eat delicious food every day. Sauces, Paste, Jam (fruit jam) are also playing an important role that can be eat everyday meal to make tastier.


Most people understand that Sauces are liquids or semi- liquids and are accepted as complementary foods and sauces are rarely consumed by themselves.

Depending on the differences in regions, consumption habits and the naming for sauce may be differ but we can say that sauce is an essential for creating and cooking food to make its taste better.  In our daily cooking, the fish sauce, soybean sauce, tomato and chili sauce as well as oyster sauce are essential cooking aids.


Paste is a term that generally refers to a viscous liquid that are made from fruits and vegetables as well as other food ingredients. Pastes made from fruits and seeds are cooked and eaten in every country.

Every Myanmar people eat fish paste in their daily meal and it is included in this category.

The puree obtained through the paste can be consumed as ready-to-eat food made from vegetables and fruits, for example – mango puree, tomato paste, Pumpkin puree are available in the market as a puree type.


Fruit jams are a sweetened food that contains a crushed fruit, sugar and natural thickeners. Fruit jam is usually made from the strawberry, raspberry, pears and Chinese plums. Fruit jams are eaten together with bread, wafers in the morning breakfast time. In Myanmar, there can be available different jams and different cities have different jam like durian jam, tomato jam and so forth.

Because of consuming fruit jam, we can get so many benefits like

– Impressive taste

– Nutritional value

– Versatility

– Long lasting shelf life

– Easy to use

– Reasonable price

On the opposite side, there can be some disadvantage like:

– High sugar content

– Inclusion of non-natural materials

– Can cause allergies

– Being able to consume excessively due to the presence of sweets

– Contains limited nutritional value

It is known that there are negative effects such as difficulty in storing after opening the lid.

Sauces, Pastes, Jams provide better flavor to our daily meal. Furthermore, they are long lasting and easily available everywhere. They are also stand as an essential ingredient in cooking and can give our food a better taste and as well as an attractive dish.

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