Small & Medium output ginger powder processing line

Components Ginger cleaning and peeling machine / Ginger slicer / Ginger dryer / Ginger grinder / Ginger powder packaging machine etc.
 Core advantages Flexible Configuration/ Easy Operation/ Support Customization/ Small & Medium Output

The ginger powder processing line uses ginger as raw material, and processes ginger into ginger powder through processing techniques such as cleaning, peeling, slicing, drying, and grinding. Meet the culinary needs of different households, restaurants and food processing plants.
Processing ginger into ginger powder can increase the added value of ginger in the ginger planting industry, and reduce the ginger loss and storage and transportation costs caused by ginger price fluctuations. This is the best choice for the ginger powder business!

50-100kg/h small output ginger powder processing line
Number Name Power Size Output
1 Cleaning and peeling machine 0.75KW 690*430*860mm 100kg/h
2 Slicer 1.1KW  690*560*880mm 300kg/h
3 Dryer 3KW 2100*930*2100mm 50-100kg/h
4 Grinder 5.5KW 750*600*1260mm 30-150kg/h
5 Packing Machine 1.6KW 700*750*1650mm 30-60 packs/min
The ginger powder processing line can be equipped according to the user’s requirement and the production demands
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