Large Output Garlic Powder Processing Line

Components Garlic Clove Separator/Garlic Peeling Machine/Garlic Cleaning Machine/Garlic Slicer/Garlic Air Dryer/Garlic Dryer/Garlic Grinder/Garlic Powder Packing Machine etc.
 Core advantages Automatic/ Continuous/ Large-Capacity /Support Customization
800kg/h automatic garlic powder processing line
Number Name Power Size Output
1 Garlic Clove Separator 2.2KW 985*835*1420mm 1000kg/h
2 Garlic Peeling Machine 0.2KW 1500*1125*2000mm 1000kg/h
3 Bubble cleaning machine 3.37KW 3000*1020*1350mm 1000kg/h
4 Garlic Slicer 1.1KW 970*700*1040mm 800kg/h
5 Garlic Air Dryer 6KW 4000*950*1600mm 500-800kg/h
6 Dryer 20.12KW 9000*2000*2500mm 500-800kg/h
7 Grinder 15KW 1200*1000*2000mm 500-800kg/h
8 Packing Machine 3.5KW 3000*1500*2600mm 30-60 packs/min
The garlic powder processing line can be equipped according to the user’s requirement and the production demands.
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