Screw Oil Press 6yl Series

The 6YL series oil press machine is suitable for pressing rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil and other vegetable oils. The equipment has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, wide range of uses, high oil yield, low noise, energy saving, and low price. This machine is suitable for small oil press workshops and medium oil plants to produce vegetable oil.
Model Power(KW) Diameter of squeezing worms(mm) Capacity(T/D) Diameter of squeezing worms(mm) Weight(KG) Overall Dimensions
6YL-95 7.5 95 4-5 95 420 1640*640*1200
6YL-100 7.5 100 4-5 100 480  1640*640*1200
6YL-120 11 120 4-6 120 530 2100*630*770
6YL-130 18.5 130 9-12 130 620 1900*630*770
6YL-160 18.5-22 160 14-17 160 960 2020*700*1480

Parameters: (Because of the differences in raw materials and operating methods, the following parameters are for reference only, not as a basis)

The pressed screw roll is made of alloy steel after carburizing treatment, which enhances the surface hardness and wear resistance, and has a long service life;
The pressing roll is ground by a surface grinder to ensure the accuracy of the oil line and increase the oil yield;
The gearbox gear adopts special helical gear and coupling gear design, with low load, low consumption and low noise;
It can be equipped with a small automatic cooker during processing. The heat source of cooker is coal, diesel and natural gas. The cooked oil can be pressed, which can significantly increase the oil yield.
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