ZY/ZX28 Oil Press

ZY / ZX28 spiral oil press is a large continuous oil press equipment, through the 09001-2000 Quality System Certification,
Suitable for cottonseed,rapeseed, castor, sunflower seeds, peanuts and other high oil content of the press oil.It has the characteristics of large processing capacity, small power consumption, low operating cost, loose and not broken cake structure, easy solvent penetration, and low residual oil rate.
Described separately
According to the size and arrangement of the internal Press structure of the oil press, it can be divided into two kinds of pre-press and press.

Model ZY28 oil press is a pre-press machine, mainly used for peanuts, rapeseed, cottonseed and other high oil content in the oil, the oil in the 80% -85% of the oil pressed out, in order to obtain a physical press out of the leaching solvent-free oil and low oil cake.Its pressed out of the oil has a good value, the cake due to less residual oil, but also to reduce the amount of energy consumption and solvent in the late leaching process.

The ZX28 oil press is a full press, by adjusting the oil rate,Press ratio and press pressure,Extract as much oil as possible from the oil seed, the processing capacity is significantly smaller than the same type of press full press processing capacity, but the oil rate has greatly improved,Through our user feedback, the oil output rate of the full press is 91% -95%.

Model Processing capacity(t/d) Dry cake residual oil rate Equipped with power(kw) Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
ZY28 120-150 16-20 % 75+11+4.0 3740×1920×3843 9160
ZX28 40-60 7-9 % 55+11+4.0 3740×1920×3843 9160
Capacity 120-150T, large processing capacity, small power consumption.
Steaming and frying both, the upper part is steaming cooker,used to maintain the temperature and humidity of the oil seeds.
Dry cake structure loose but not broken, easy to solvent penetration,reduce the residual oil rate.
Main components: spindle,pressing screw,pressing bar, gear,high quality alloy steel manufacturing,durable and low failure rate.
From the feed-steaming fried-get oil-out of the cake, automatic continuous work, 24 hours uninterrupted press.
Suitable for large production lines, automated control, easy operation, low maintenance costs, saving labor.
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