Protein Bar Production Line


The protein bar production line uses frequency conversion technology, and the actions of each part are controlled by PLC. , By adjusting the speed of the delivering and cutting,then can get different type products in different thickness and length.

  Application of Protein Bar Production Line
Usage For the food processing and molding produced in medium and large food industry
Finished Products made by cereal bar shaping machine  Peanut nougat, peanut rice cake, Peanut candy, rice candy,sesame bar, cereal bar ,nuts bar Satsuma,Rice candy, Rice bar,Frozen rice candy,Sesame candy bar, Peanut brittle(peanut candy bar),Sunflower seeds candy bar,Coarse grains,Cereal bar and other molding and cutting.
Technicial Parameter of Protein Bar Production Line
Tem Voltage Size(L*W*H) Output Machine material
CBC-1 380 15×15×60mm 300~500kg/h Stainless steel
CBC-2 380 15×15×60mm 500~800kg/h Stainless steel
Material Stainless steel
Automatic Fully automatic
Function of  cereal bar cutting machine  Spreading the mixture onto the conveyor, cooling the spreaded mixture and cutting them into required sizes, Cooling the cutted bars and conveying them to packing.



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