Automatic Small Protein Bar Machine


Protein bar machine has all automatic continue technologic, high production advanced technology. Coordinate with the chocolate spray machine, it can produce all kinds chocolate compound products. Protein bar shape can be circular, square, semicircular and triangular. Protein bar is popular in the market because of delicious taste, crisp texture, rich nutrition and convenient portability. Protein bar has also become the main meal replacement food for fitness people.

Technical Parameters Of Protein Bar Manufacturing Machine 
Item Voltage Size(L*W*H) Output Machine material
LY-1 380V 14000*1200*2200mm 100~300kg/h Stainless steel
LY-2 380V 20000*1200*2000mm 300~500kg/h Stainless steel
LY-3 380V 33000*1800*2500mm 500~800kg/h Stainless steel
Material Stainless steel
Automatic Fully automatic
Function Of Protein Bar Manufacturing Equipment Spreading the mixture onto the conveyor, cooling the spreaded mixture and cutting them into required sizes, Cooling the cutted bars and conveying them to packing.


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