Metal Baler Machine


The scrap metal baler machine is used to squeeze all kinds of scrap metal into solid blocks or columns under normal conditions, so as to greatly reduce its volume, reduce the delivery volume, save freight, and improve the economic benefits of the company.

The scraps iron sheets baling machine has the advantages of excellent rigidity and reliability, unique design, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high safety, environmental protection, and energy-saving. The metal packing machine can be widely used in various metal smelters, used material recycling stations, and other enterprises. It is suitable for the recycling of various waste metal materials. This hydraulic metal baling machine is a good equipment to improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity, save human resources and reduce transportation costs.

It is suitable for pressing all kinds of scrap metal such as aluminum chip, iron sheet, steel shaving, aluminum shaving, waste oil barrel, waste automobile shell, etc. It can be used to make various shapes of blocks (the size of the blocks can be customized) such as the long cube, cylinder, cube, etc., which is convenient for melting and reusing.

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