Scrap Metal Shredder Machine


What are the applicable metal scrap materials for shredding?

  • Scrap cars: the scrap metal shredder can process metal parts from discarded cars, car parts, and scrap vehicles, such as bodies, engine parts, wheels, and exhaust pipes.
  • Electronic scrap: It can process metal parts from waste electronic equipment, including old TVs, computers, cell phones, circuit boards, and other electronic parts.
  • Construction waste: the scrap metal shredder can be used to dispose of discarded construction materials such as metal pipes, building structures, roofing materials, and steel.
  • Machinery and Equipment Waste: It can process the metal part of waste machinery and equipment, machine tool parts, engineering machinery, and manufacturing waste.
  • Iron and steel scrap: Scrap metal shredders are usually used to process scrap steel, scrap iron, rebar, and other steel products waste.
  • Aluminum scrap: It can process scraps of aluminum products such as aluminum cans, aluminum frames, aluminum furniture, and other aluminum alloy products.
  • Stainless steel scrap: the scrap metal shredder can also be used to process waste stainless steel products such as stainless steel utensils, pipes, and parts.
  • Copper scrap: It can be used to process waste copper products, including copper pipe, copper wire, copper tubing, and copper utensils.
wide applications of shredder machine
wide applications of shredder machine

Scrap metal shredding machine parameters

Model Powder(kw) Size(m) Capacity (kg/h)
SL-S500 11 1.85*0.75*1.8 300-500
SL-S600 15 1.95*0.8*1.8 500-700
SL-S800 37 2.1*0.8*1.9 800-2000
SL-S1000 44 2.6*0.95*1.9 1500-3000
SL-S1200 90 2.95*1.2*1.9 2500-4000
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