Liquid Syrup Oral Dose Manufacturing Plant


The liquid Syrup Oral dose manufacturing plant is a set of equipments design for the manufacture of Oral dose syrup, liquid oral formulations and other water based pharmaceuticals product. Liquid Oral Processing Plant for Syrups & Suspensions, as per the customers’ requirement to meet GMP, cGMP, WHO, USFDA and MHRA norms. The Syrup plant equipments are manufactured as per cGMP guidelines and ASME standards.

Apple pack is the leader in providing the latest technology in Liquid Processing Solutions in Semi-Auto or completely automated Liquid plant with SCADA SYSTEM. – Optional we offer.

The liquid manufacturing plants are ideal tool for the pharmaceutical industries for the production of oral liquid. It is specially designed to take care of two critical factors which directly affects the quality of the liquids.

Minimum man-handling of liquid and effective hygiene during manufacturing. It also provides the benefits of the effective manpower utilization.

Key Features

  • 200 liter. – 30,000ltr. Batch mixers
  • Complete untouchable process
  • CIP / SIP
  • All wetted parts are of SS316/316 L Quality material.
  • Sugar Changing Done under Vacuum. All transfer done under Vacuum.
  • The Sugar syrup and manufacturing vessel are provided with limpet coils for heating and cooling and are designed with internal vacuum to facilitate transfer of sugar direct from stores to the sugar syrup vessel.
  • The entry of all propeller agitator is from the bottom, through a specially designed mechanical seal face.
  • The advantages of the bottom propeller agitator over conventional agitator are that, it includes no vibrations in the shaft and no coupling in the drive assembly, leading to lower maintenance cost.
  • Inline filters to ensure filtration
  • Inline Homogenizer is provided for making suspensions, with recirculation.
  • Transfer Pump provided to transfer ready products to filling line.
  • Load cell of accurate weighing
  • FLP system can be provided (Optional)

The Facility Consist of

  • Side Vessel (Premix)
  • Online side Vessel Prefilter
  • Manufacturing Vessel and Storage vessel
  • Vacuum system to transfer contents of side vessels to manufacturing vessels
  • Product Piping
  • Control Panel
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Batch size 50 Liter. To 30,000 Liter.

Recommended for

  • Cough Syrup
  • Drop Solutions
  • Expectorant
  • Suspensions

Also We offer below plant and mixer equipment

  • Cream
  • Gel
  • Lotion
  • Emulsion
  • Ointment
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hand Washes
  • Hair Cosmetics Products

Apple pack Process Equipment is manufacturing with latest technology version with advance automation / technology for Liquid Oral Plant for our customers. The offered plants are widely used in the processing of liquid drops, cough syrups and antacids Oral Liquid Syrup manufacturing plant , following facility with our plant as below:

  • Sugar syrup vessel
  • Online sugar syrup pre filter
  • Manufacturing vessel
  • Storage vessel
  • Vacuum system for transfer of sugar syrup
  • Filter press
  • Product piping
  • control panels
  • Working platform

Apple Pack Process Equipment is manufacturing wide range of oral dose Liquid manufacturing plant considering 200 Liter , 500 Liter, 1000 liter, 1500 Liter , 2000 Liters, 3000 Liters, 4000 Liter, 5000 Liter , 6000 Liter, 7000 Liter , 10000 Liter , 15000 liter , 20000 liter , 25000 liter and 30,000 liter oral Cough Syrup , Drop Solutions , Expectorant , Suspensions , Liquid syrup , Ayurvedic Liquid , Clear & Suspended Liquids Manufacturing System with On-line or Built-in Homogenizer systems & Storage tank , Mixing tank to filling line.

Also We offer below plant and mixer equipment

  • Cream manufacturing plant
  • Gel manufacturing plant
  • Lotion manufacturing plant
  • Emulsion viscous product manufacturing plant
  • Ointment manufacturing plant and equipment mixer.
  • Shampoo manufacturing plant / Mixers.
  • Conditioner Manufacturing plant / mixer.
  • Hand Washes Manufacturing plant
  • Hair Cosmetics Products Manufacturing plant

Customized with automation , Stander we offer below

  • PLC based Automation System as per 21 CFR Part 11 (Optional)
  • System Qualification Documents like DQ, FAT, IQ & OQ Protocols
  • “CE” marked Equipments are offered with Third Party Inspection & All Electrical Control with ERTL Approval & Test , Prompt After Sales Services

“APPLE Pack Process Equipment ” is ceaselessly treading the path of success covering milestones after milestones of techno-innovations. Behind all the achievements is the highly dedicated, enthusiastic and zealous workforce of the company which has left no stone unturned in making the company a successful and enviable venture in the world.

Processing Machineries Manufacturing company founded on a global technology platform. A company that grew alongside the growth in the qualitative and quantitative demands of its target industries – a truly integrated, well-founded, market-driven, need-based but fast-paced growth & the upward velocity continuous.

The Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plants are ideal tools for the pharmaceutical industry for the production of Oral Liquids., iquid Syrup Oral Dose Manufacturing Plant, Cough Syrup Oral , oral solution liquid syrup manufacturing plant , our plant running with many pharma Liquid Syrup, Linctuse , Elixir , Oral Suspension, Oral Drop, Oral Emulsion, Mixture, Oral Solution , Oral – Liquid Syrup & Suspension manufacturing plant , Liquid Oral Manufacturing Plant. Liquid Syrup Manufacturing Plant Manufacturers, Liquid Syrup Plant, Oral Liquid Manufacturing plant

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