Gel Manufacturing Plant

Sr. no. Description Specifications Confirmation Status
TAG GEL Manufacturing Vessel
A Function To prepare GEL
B Code Built as per Good Engineering Practice and to comply cGMP standard
C MOC SS 316 contact parts and SS 304 non-contact parts. Heavy parts and structures shall be cladded with SS 304 materials.
D Type Cylindrical Vertical with bottom dish end welded and top dish end with body flange. Top dish lifting by hydraulic cylinders. Manual container tilting arrangement to discharge the materials.
E Mounting Vertical on stand.
A Operation Type Batch
B Fluid Handled in vessel CTC
C Specific Gravity 1.0 gms/cc
D Fluid Handled in Jacket Hot Water / Raw water
E Service Preparation of GEL
F Operating Temperature 4 to 80 Deg. C
G Operating Pressure FV to ATMKgs/cm2
H Operating pressure in Jacket 2.5Kgs/cm2
I Minimum Steerable Volume 25 % of Working Volume
J Min. Temperature sensing Volume 20% of working Volume
A Shell / Bottom / Top dish SA 240 Gr. 316
B Jacket SA 240 Gr. 304
C Stirrer Mounting Pad SA 240 Gr. 316
D Stirrer Shaft SS 316
E Gasket Food grade Silicon
F Nozzles SS 316
G Mechanical Seal Type Single Dry Seal
H Baffles SS 316
I Hardware – Internal SS 316
J Hardware – external SS 304
K Product outlet Valve type / MOC Sanitary Design with 1 side flange an 1 side TC connection / SS 316
A Type of insulation Rock wool
B Insulation Thickness 50 mm
C Insulation cladding SS 304, full welded
A Type of agitator Open Cage type agitator with top entry homogenizer
B Agitator Entry Top Entry
C No. of Agitator 01
D Agitator Design As per design
E Shaft Dia. As per design
G Shaft Type Solid
H RPM 20- 70 for Cage type Agitator ( Variable through VFD) & 1440 for Homogenizer
I No. of Fix Baffles As per design
J Motor Type TEFC/Non FLP / 3Ph/415V/AC
K Motor HP 1.0 HP/1440 RPM / Flange Mounted / Non FLP For Main Drive
0.75 HP/1440 RPM / Flange Mounted / Non FLP For Homogenizer
L Transmission Rigid Coupling for shaft joint inside the vessel and Flexible coupling for gear box – agitator shaft. Motor to Gear Box – direct couple
Direct couple for homogenizer motor
M Shaft Sealing Single Dry seal for top agitator & Double cartridge water cooled type for homogenizer Seal Faces TC v/s TC
Water Flow detection sensor for double cartridge seal shall be provided which will trip the motor, if the water flow to the sensor is stopped.
N Gear Box for Main Drive Worm reduction type
O Bearing Housing SS 304 Bearing housing with heavy duty Taper roller bearings – 02 nos.
P Drive Stool assembly Stainless Steel 304
Q Agitator PAD Plate Stainless Steel 304 with SS 316 bushing.
R Scrapper Blades 02 Nos. Floating type PTFE scrapper blades shall be provided to cover total wall surfaces of the mixing vessel.
S TOP Dish Lifting By means of hydraulic cylinder and power pack unit.
T Power Pack motor 0.5 HP / 1440 rpm / 3 Ph / 415 VAC / 50 hz / Non FLP
U Host Burst check valve Will Be provided which will not allow the lifted load to come down in case the hydraulic hose pipe burst or any leakages from hose pipe / joint.
A Product Contact Parts 220 grit mirror finish
B Product non contact parts 180 Grit Matt finish
C Mild Steel Surfaces Coat of Zinc phosphate epoxy primer Final Coat of light gray acrylic polyurethane enamel paint If applicable
  • PUMP TYPE : Reverse compressor type dry vacuum pump.
  • Model : Standard
  • MOC : C. I.
  • Mounting : Inside the support structure
  • Water flow sensor for mechanical seal of bottom entry homogenizer.
  • Single phase preventer.
  • Over Load relay for motor overloading protection.
  • Heat Extraction fan and ventilation filter in power panel.
  • Emergency OFF in operating panel.
Batch Size
  • Available model 20 KG to 10,000KG working Capacity.
  • Working capacity is customized as per customer’s requirement. APPLEPACK can provide more than 10,000kgs capacity model also.

Gel Manufacturing Plant / Gel Making Plant / Gels Processing equipment  for Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries  ,  Our Gel Mfg plant with manufacturing Vessel , Wax Phase Vessel ,Water Phase Vessel , Storage Vessel , Vacuum Pump , Control Panel , Product Piping & Working Platform


Gel Manufacturing plant

Gel Manufacturing plant less hygienic and effective solution for gel mixing

  • Gel Making Plant / Gels Processing equipment for produce wide range products in tube, bottle and jar packing with different type product and application industry wise , from the smallest pack sizes to medium size & bulk pack containers.  Apple pack equipment Gel manufacturing plant  with specially focus with Completely Integrated designs , Custom – built capacity from 100 kg  to 10000 kegs , Low temperature processing , Manufactured from premium high quality stainless steel material..

plant contains specialized equipment that can produce a wide variety of gels, including hair gel, skin gel, oral gel, adhesives, and specialty Aloevera Gel Manufacturing Mixer, Plant, Mixing Unit, Aloe Vera Gel, because of its widespread popularity, has become an ingredient in a wide variety of cosmetic products, including night creams, soaps, shampoos, suntan lotions, and cleansers.

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