Dry pasta production line


As the professional automatic dry pasta production line, we improve the performance of the macaroni production line.The pasta manufacturing plant uses barley wheat flour, potato starch, corn starch, etc. as the main raw materials, from flour to finished product at one time.

What is Pasta Making Machine?

The full automatic dry pasta production line adopts advanced and unique technology, reasonable configuration and stable performance. The commercial pasta manufacturer makes the water and flour mix more fully and evenly, completing the process of maturation, extrusion, and molding at one time. After the finished pasta is steamed, the color is crystal clear, smooth, beautiful in color and delicious in taste. The automatic pasta making plant produces various products of different shapes that are popular on the market, such as crisp peas, shells, spirals, square tubes, round tubes, waves, etc.

How Do You Make Pasta With Dry Pasta Production Line?

Dry Pasta Made In Industry By Commercial Pasta Line
1 Flour Mixer
2 Screw Conveyor
3 Single Screw Pasta Extruder
4 Pulling And Cutting Machine
5 Hoister of macaroni production line
6 Multi-layer macaroni pasta Dryer
7 Cooling Conveyor
Process:Flour Mixer → Screw Conveyor → Single Screw Pasta Extruder→ Pulling And Cutting Machine → Hoister → Multi-layer Dryer → Cooling Conveyor
Technical Parameter Dry Pasta Production Line
Capacity (Kg/h) of pasta manufacturing line Press Spreader H1 (mm) H2 (mm) L1 (mm) L2 (mm)
LY-2000 1.245.L 2550 ST.AX-2 9300 7500 39200 58000
LY-3000 2.210.L 2550 ST.AX-3 9500 7500 42200 69000
LY-3500 2.210.L 2550 ST.AX-4 9500 8300 47300 76000
LY-4000 2.245.L 2550 ST.AX-4 10000 8300 50900 81000
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