Automatic Commercial Electric Macaroni Pasta Production Line


The main ingredient is durum wheat flour or durum wheat flour, which is used in a unique extrusion process to produce short pasta and macaroni in the different shapes popular in the market. The fully automatic pasta making machine is well designed, with a high degree of automation and precise control of the extrusion parameters. The main machine is equipped with a high and low pressure screw, which increases the range of raw materials used, reduces costs and improves the quality of the product. The main products are spirals, shells, round tubes, square tubes, circles, cartoon shapes, sports shapes, etc.

Features of Commercial Electric Macaroni Pasta Production Line
1 Can achieve automatic continuous production, saving manpower.
2 Adopt new type of micro crushing equipment, low noise and high output.
3 Automatic cutting off and automatic conveying.
4 Automatic continuous drying, efficient and reliable.
Host Features of Commercial Electric Macaroni Pasta Production Line
1 Touch screen centralized control, accurate and convenient.
2 The motor and distribution box are directly connected to the transmission, less energy loss.
3 Adopt imported bearing set, strong bearing capacity.
4 Barrel with water injection device, better adapt to raw materials and quality requirements.
5 High-speed tool steel screw, hardness HRC ≥ 62, long service life.
6 Linear bearing knife adjustment, safe, accurate and fast.
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