Biscuit Sandwiching Machines


Biscuit sandwich machine is to add the filling material between the two piece of baked biscuit ,bread .The fillings material can be cream, jam, chocolate, bean filling, etc.We are professional manufactrer for biscuit sandwiching machine ,Our sandwiching machine adopted 304 stainless steel. Fully automatic ,Easy to clean. High production efficiency. Beautiful appearance.It can be connected with the packaging machine, To make filling and packaging one time automaitc, And whole line only need one worker operation.

Our biscuit production line including: Biscuit sandwiching machine with flow packing machine

1+2  Biscuit Sandwich Machine Details        
Package Type 1 Layer*1 1 Layer*2 1 Layer*3
Package Speed 33-300pcs/Min 33-300pcs/Min 33-300pcs/Min
Package Type 2 Layer*1 2 Layer*2 2 Layer*3
Package Speed 33-300pcs/Min 33-130pcs/Min 33-70pcs/Min
Machine Size: 6100*1000*1600mm
Mainly Power 7kw
Weight 1300kg
Item No. Advantage Of  Biscuit Sandwiching Machine
1 Simple Operation, Good Stability, High Continuous Productivity And Other Characteristics, It Is An Essential Machine For The Production Of Sandwich Biscuits.
2 Stainless Steel 304 Material
3 Motor And Electrical Brands Can Be Customized According To Customer Requirements;
4 There Are Two Types Of Biscuit Sandwiches: 2+1 Type And 3+2 Type For Customers To Choose;
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