Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Machines


Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Machine can make many different type of biscuits. Such as cream biscuit, sandwiching biscuit,soda cracker biscuit,vegetable biscuit etc., There are diversify heating source for your operation (electric, gas, fuel oil) .

As one professional Biscuit Making Machine manufacturer,we can offer small, medium and large biscuit production lines . The biscuit making machine has reasonable price, reliable quality and professional service!Our company provides customers full set service .Cost accounting, machine design, cookie recipes, machine installation and debugging, design cookie molds according to customer requirements.

Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Plant Processing Design
Item No. Advantage Of Biscuit Making Machine
1 The Biscuit Machine Occupies a Small Area And Consumes Less,  Small Workshop Can Also Start Production Easily.
2 Biscuit Machine There Are Many Types Of Molds And Product Designs. One Machine Can Produce Crispy Biscuits, Tough Biscuits, Chocolate Biscuits, Such As Cream Biscuits, Sandwich Biscuits, Soda Biscuits, Animal Biscuits, Vegetable Biscuits

Biscuit Making Machine Can Produce 24 Hours Continuously Every Day.

3  Fully Automatic Small Biscuit Machine Requires Fewer Workers, 2-3 Workers Can Complete The Whole Process From Raw Material Mixing To Packaging,

The Operation Is Simple, And The Workers Can Easily Operate The Machine After Training.

4 No Industrial Pollution And No Waste.
Host Model FAB225 FAB280 FAB400 FAB600 FAB800
Power and voltage customize customize customize customize customize
Installed Capacity 28.5KW 55KW 110KW 220kw

(gas  type 25kw)

Heating Source Electrical Electrical Electrical, Gas Electrical,Gas Electrical, Gas
Baking temperature 200-300℃ 200-300℃ 200-300℃ 200-300℃ 200-300℃
Production capacity 50~60Kg/h 100kg/h 150-200Kg/h 400-500kg/h 600-900kg/h
Production line length 21000mm


30000mm 43000mm customize customize
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