Biscuit Making Machine


Biscuit making machine is also called biscuit forming machine, it forms the dough into different size of biscuit. It’s an automatic equipment which can produce soft biscuit, hard biscuit, crispy biscuit, bear biscuit, soda biscuit and sandwich biscuit, etc.. We can provide thousands of molds with different shapes and figures as options for customers. The parts that may contact the raw material are all made of SUS 304 stainless steel, which has very good quality and durability. We provide 200, 400, 600 three models to choose from. 400 and 600 models both have a conveyor that transfers the finished biscuits automatically. Biscuit forming machine is suitable for small, middle, and large scale food processing manufacturers. It’s widely welcomed by customers from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, etc..


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