Automatic Meat Skewer Machine


Features of meat skewer machine

  • The automatic meat skewer threading machine adopts advanced digital control technology, combining sensor control and pneumatic control organically, which completely realizes the whole process of auto-signing and auto-skewer threading.
  • The main machine is made of stainless steel and food-grade PE material, which meets international food hygiene requirements.
  • Users can add the ingredients they want to add to the meat skewer at any position according to their preference; the length of the meat skewer can be adjusted arbitrarily within the required range.
  • This automatic meat skewer threading machine is the ideal choice for meat skewer producers, individual users, restaurants, and so on.

Parameters of meat skewers threading machine

Model TZ-2000
Capacity 3000pcs/h
Size 2000*2000*1100mm
Power 200w
Weight 160kg
Stick length 25-30cm
Stick diameter 2.5-3mm
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