Banana Slicing Machine


This banana slicing machine is specially designed to cut bananas into small round pieces.

  • The cutting thickness can be freely adjusted for the best banana chips.
  • Vertical feeding inlet ensures every slicing of the banana round.
  • Banana slicing machine has high cutting efficiency.
  • Made of stainless steel, cutters and knives have a long service life and can be replaced in an easy way.
  • This banana slicing machine is suitable for banana chip processing lines with a compact design.
banana slicing machine for banana chips production
multipurpose banana slicing machine for sale

This totally automatic banana slicing machine can run smoothly without a few operating problems. What you need to do is to place peeled bananas into the feeding throat and wait around and neatly sliced banana chips coming out. These cutting knives inside rotate at high speed and bananas will automatically fall for their gravity.

feeding Inlets with different size and angle

Feeding inlet

  • Feed inlet can be designed according to customer demand.
  • Angle and size to meet the slice requirements of different materials.


  • The blades are made of high carbon chromium stainless steel
  • High strength, hardness, and sharp blades ensure high slicing efficiency.
3 cutting blades of banana slicing machine


  • Various fruit vegetable slices come out from here after being cut.
  • The slice thickness is uniform and the cut surface is fresh, and the fibrous tissue of fruits and vegetables is not damaged;
  • The thickness of slicing can be adjusted.
  • Unique slicing machines in the banana chips production line.
  • Specially designed wafer machine for various round-shaped fruits and vegetables like apple, kiwi, pineapple, carrot, lotus root, cucumber.
  • Can be used in fruit deep-processing lines such as fruit can, fruit juice, preserved fruit, and dried fruit.
cutting effects of banana slicing machine
Model QP-600
Power 1.5kw
Capacity 500kg/h
Weight 160kg
Size 700*700*900mm
Sliced banana chips need to be fried for better taste. And generally cutting thickness is around 5mm. Banana chips less than 1mm will be out of shape in frying, and these fried thin banana chips are easily broken in de-oiling steps. While banana chips more than 5mm cannot be fully dried and fried.
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