Automatic Potato Chips Plant


The fully automatic potato chips production line is specially designed for processing potatoes into delicious potato chips, with excellent quality.
Different capacities can be customized based on your own need.
Be assured that our potato chips manufacturing machine unit will help your commercial potato chip manufacturing a profitable business and ensure a good margin.

Fully Automatic Potato Chips Plant at Best Price

☞ Capacities for choice: 100-150kg/hr, 200-250kg/hr, 350-400kg/h, and 400-500kg/hr.
☞ The proportion of potatoes and output potato chips is about 4:1.
☞ The automatic potato chips production line is fully automatic, which only need 6-8 person to operate, so it improves the production efficiency and reduces the cost of production largely.

Model Capacity Electricity consumption Plant area
APC-100 100-150 kg/h 155.8 KWh 200 m²
APC-200 200-250 kg/h 209.7 KWh 300 m²
APC-350 350-400 kg/h 270.4 KWh 400 m²
APC-500 400-500 kg/h 380 KWh 600 m²
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