Automatic Groundnut Fryer Machine With Oil Filtration System


Groundnut fryer machine supports electric heating and gas heating. Electric heating has its own temperature display configuration, while gas heating temperature display requires additional configuration. Groundnut fryer machine is suitable for deep frying of food and has its own frying filter function. Groundnut frying system is widely used in restaurant and all food industrial, also an indispensable machine in kinds of snack processing line.

Specification Of Groundnut Oil Fryer Machine

Model Heating Method Power Dimensions(MM) Weight
LY1000 Electric Stir:0.37KW
1500*1400*1700 400 Kg
LY1000 Gas Stir:0.37KW
2100*1400*1700 700 Kg
LY1200 Electric Stir:0.37KW
1700*1500*1700 500 Kg
LY1200 Gas Stir:0.37KW
2300*1500*1700 800 Kg
LY1500 Electric Stir:0.55KW
2000*1800*1700 780 Kg
LY1500 Gas Stir:0.55KW
2600*1800*1700 1080 Kg

Technical Parameter Of Electric Deep Fryer Machine For Groundnut

Machine Frying machine deoiling machine and seasoning machine
Frying machine oil capacity 860L
Total power 200KW
Frying Time 2-10min
Temperature 0-300ºC
Belt Stainless steel spiral mesh belt
Material 304 stainless steel
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