A Glimpse of the Importance of Valued Added Product Sector of Sauces, Pastes and Jam in Daily Consumption

Well noted to know that the nutrients can be obtained from eating nutritious food which is needed for the human being’s health alive and body’s survival. Humans who are struggling and moving every day have to survive because of the support of nutrition. Nutrition is the best support for health and growth, so it's important to eat nutritious meals throughout the day. It is necessary for not only to eat nutritious food, but also to eat delicious food every day. Sauces, Paste, Jam (fruit jam) are also playing an important role that can be eat everyday meal to make tastier. Sauces Most people understand that Sauces are liquids or semi- liquids and are accepted as complementary foods and sauces are rarely consumed by themselves. Depending on the differences in regions, consumption habits and the naming for sauce may be differ but we can say that sauce is an essential for creating and cooking food to make its taste better.  In our daily cooking, the fish sauce, soybean sauce, tomato and chili sauce as well as oyster sauce are essential cooking aids. Paste Paste is a term that generally refers to a viscous liquid that are made from fruits and vegetables as well as other food ingredients. Pastes made from fruits and seeds are cooked and eaten in every country. Every Myanmar people eat fish paste in their daily meal and it is included in this category. The puree obtained through the paste can be consumed as ready-to-eat food made from vegetables and fruits, for example - mango puree, tomato paste, Pumpkin puree are available in the market as a puree type. Jam Fruit jams are a sweetened food that contains a crushed fruit, sugar and natural thickeners. Fruit jam is usually made from the strawberry, raspberry, pears and Chinese plums. Fruit jams are eaten together with bread, wafers in the morning breakfast time. In Myanmar, there can be available different jams and different cities have different jam like durian jam, tomato jam and so forth. Because of consuming fruit jam, we can get so many benefits like - Impressive taste - Nutritional value - Versatility - Long lasting shelf life - Easy to use - Reasonable price On the opposite side, there can be some disadvantage like: - High sugar content - Inclusion of non-natural materials - Can cause allergies - Being able to consume excessively due to the presence of sweets - Contains limited nutritional value It is known that there are negative effects such as difficulty in storing after opening the lid. Sauces, Pastes, Jams provide better flavor to our daily meal. Furthermore, they are long lasting and easily available everywhere. They are also stand as an essential ingredient in cooking and can give our food a better taste and as well as an attractive dish. There are good opportunities like this for those entrepreneurs who are interested in starting and managing the Sauces, Paste, Jam (fruit jam) business themselves, or to upgrade the existing business, we will provide the best services with the necessary support and high-tech machinery, so the Hotline number of Super Seven Stars Industrial Development Company is 09-940844255 or e You can directly contact the email address which is

The Importance of Animal Feed in the Value-Added Product Sector

Nutritious food is an essential for the daily life of all living beings. Since the ancient times, people have sought and consumed food necessary for their survival, including clean and fresh vegetables, meat, and fish. As the global population grows, the countries worldwide strive to ensure adequate meat, fish, and food supplies. In Myanmar, the agriculture and animal husbandry are prioritized to achieve food security and enable for the export opportunities. With fertile, irrigated land, Myanmar is well-positioned for livestock development. According to the surveys in the country, the agricultural and animal husbandry production activities include buffalo, cow, goat, pork, and poultry farming. Efforts are being made to raise high-quality animals, aiming to enhance both for domestic sales and exports. Traditionally, the rural farmers in Myanmar have raised livestock in natural pastures, ensuring good growth and development. To boost production, farmers now use the most nutritious, high-quality raw materials such as beans, sesame seeds, soybeans, and corn bran. These ingredients are enriched with vitamins and minerals, formulated into advanced ready-to-eat animal feeds. The Role of Quality Animal Feed The quality livestock feed is essential for every animal development, health, and productivity. Feeds made from ingredients like peanuts, millet, dry grass, barley, and wheat provide necessary proteins, minerals, and vitamins for the cattle, pork, chicken, sheep, and goats. Properly produced feed ensures well-nourished animals, leading to rapid growth, high fertility rates, and low mortality rates. This results in higher profits and boosts the country's economy. Proper nutrition is crucial for healthy of animals, contributing to high-quality product production and the economic sustainability of livestock industries. At Super Seven Stars Industrial Development Co., Ltd., we offer top-notch services, support, and advanced machinery for entrepreneurs interested in selling farm animal and pet food in various packaging forms. For more information, please contact Super Seven Stars Industrial Development Company at 09-940844255 or email

Unveiling the Significance of Instant Noodles in the Value-Added Product Sector

Since 1958, we have been creating convenient and satisfying food in Japan to curb hunger swiftly. Ready-to-eat noodles were developed to be affordable, easy to prepare, tasty, and long-lasting. According to recent surveys, over 290 million people worldwide consume instant noodles daily, not just in Asian countries but also in Europe. The popularity of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dramas and movies featuring instant noodles has further boosted their consumption. Ready-to-eat noodles can be easily purchased at supermarkets and local bakeries. They have become an essential food for busy individuals who don't have time to cook and for those looking for a quick meal at night. Initially, ready-to-eat noodles were sold only in packages, making them less convenient to cook. Today, they are available in containers that can be prepared anywhere with just hot water. This convenience has led to an increase in consumption, prompting the expansion of factories producing dried noodles. These noodles are now available in various packaging forms and are among the best-selling foods globally.

Demand and Market Potential of Instant Noodle Products

Packaging and distributing traditional Burmese foods like Mohinga, Rakhine Mont Di, Shan Khao Soi, and warm tofu for convenient consumption could enhance sales domestically and internationally. Burmese citizens abroad would also enjoy these familiar flavors easily. This approach presents a significant opportunity for expanding the Burmese food market internationally, boosting the country's economy.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Instant Noodle Industry

Every production sector faces challenges, including managing transportation systems and adhering to health standards for food products. Despite these challenges, the industry has ample opportunities to transform products into value-added goods. The demand for ready-to-eat instant noodles is growing in both domestic and international markets, appealing to both adults and children. At Super Seven Star Industrial Development Co., Ltd., we offer top-notch services, necessary support, and high-tech machinery for entrepreneurs interested in the dry noodle industry. We specialize in a variety of products, including dry noodles, dry vermicelli, and other ready-to-eat noodles in different packaging styles and flavors. For more information, please contact Super Seven Stars Industrial Development Company at 09-940844255 or email .

The History and Production of Coffee

We will examine the history of coffee. It is an undeniable fact that a cup of coffee is an essential part of every human's breakfast in the world, and there are studies that drinking coffee in the morning can clear the mind and give you a more refreshing feeling than usual. Most people drink coffee in the morning and afternoon, so if you look at it globally, 2.4 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. Coffee is consumed as the second most consumed drink after drinking water. Coffee began to appear more than 1,000 years ago and is now grown in more than 60 countries. The coffee tree thrives in well-watered upland areas between 12,00 and 2,000 feet above sea level. High-altitude coffee (Arabica) can be grown at over 2,500 feet above sea level, while low-land coffee (Robusta) can be grown in areas below 2,500 feet. In Myanmar, highland coffee is grown in Pyin Oo Lwin region, Shan State Most of them are grown in mountainous regions such as Chin State, Thandaunggyi region of Karen State. In places like Tanintharyi, lowland coffee is cultivated. Coffee plants begin to bear fruit at about 3 years of age and reach full fruiting at 5 years of age. Each tree usually blooms for 20 years. The fruits are green at first. Then yellow and finally red. In regions with a good climate, the coffee tree can bloom up to two or three times a year, so the same tree has flowers and green fruit. Ripe fruits are usually found at the same time. When the coffee fruits are ripe, the fruits are picked or had to shake the plant and take it away. Then the fruits are soaked in water and peeled off. The obtained seeds are dried in various ways, either in the sun or with drying machines. After drying the seeds in some way, rolling them with rollers; They have to brush it off. In order to obtain coffee that is full of aroma and flavor, the coffee beans are dried and roasted until they turn brown. The roasted coffee beans are then ground into powder using modern machinery. In the past, coffee beans were produced at home using traditional methods, but now with modern technology, using methods such as Freeze Dried Method and Spray Dried Method in large factories, ready-to-drink coffee can be easily produced in a short time and exported to foreign markets. There are two kinds of coffee: Arabica coffee, which has a good taste and a more fragrant coffee smell, and Robusta coffee, which has a strong coffee taste. 60%-80% of the coffee market is (Arabica) coffee, which has flat coffee beans than (Robusta) coffee. Longer and less caffeinated. Therefore, according to surveys across the country, most people drink Arabica coffee more than Robusta coffee. Do you already have coffee experts for Myanmar? There are coffee experts in Burma, expert growers. There are producers and Burmese coffee in Asia as well. It has been observed that it is a good high-quality coffee that can penetrate the world coffee market. If you are going to study the production technology of ready-to-drink coffee
  • Freeze Dried Method
  • Spray Dried Method
  • It will be found that it can be produced by (3) methods such as Liquid Concentrate Method.
For coffee lovers, ready-to-drink coffee is something that makes the best of every morning. With the growing role of instant coffee, the types of instant coffee available for coffee lovers are freeze dried and spray dried instant coffee commonly found in the market. Spray Dried Method The Spray Dried Method of coffee production quickly converts the essence of the coffee into beans without destroying it. The basic principle of production is to reduce the density of water content and produce coffee powder. They should use the Spray Dried Method to produce their instant coffee at a low production cost. The cost of production with the Spray Dried Method is lower than the Freeze Dried Method, so it can be sold at a lower price. In addition, coffee production time is short. You can easily produce large quantities of ready-to-drink coffee without waiting for a long time. When making instant coffee with the Spray Dried Method, the extracted coffee will first undergo an atomization process where it is turned into tiny droplets through an atomizer. It is then sprayed into a stream of hot air (80°C to 180°C) through the top of a tall cylindrical tower. Based on the process, the second stage of this method is called the spraying stage. As the water evaporates, the final form of the coffee becomes a powder. This method preserves many of the coffee's natural flavors and aromas, so it provides better quality coffee and can be produced more cost-effectively than using the Freeze Dried Method and reduce production time. As Super Seven Star Industrial Development Co., Ltd., we will provide the best services with high-tech machinery and the necessary support for entrepreneurs who are interested in selling instant coffee capsules domestically and abroad, so please contact Super Seven Stars Industrial Development Company Hotline number 09-940844255 or e-mail address You can directly contact and inquire.
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