Unlocking Potential: Dried Fruit Product Industries Ready to Expand in Domestic and Foreign Markets

Introduction to Dried Fruit Processing in Myanmar

The dried fruit processing industry in Myanmar involves preserving and processing fruits using techniques such as sun-drying, dehydration, and freeze-drying. Popular dried fruits produced in Myanmar include mangoes, bananas, papayas, and jackfruit.

Demand and Market Potential of Dried Fruits

Dried fruits from Myanmar are in high demand domestically and internationally due to their extended shelf life, convenience, and retention of flavor and nutrients. The dried fruit processing industry contributes significantly to Myanmar’s agricultural economy and has export potential to regional and global markets.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Industry

Challenges in the dried fruit processing industry include quality control, supply chain management, and compliance with food safety standards. However, there are opportunities for value addition, product innovation, and market diversification to capitalize on the growing demand for dried fruits both locally and internationally.

Role of the Food Innovation Center (FIC) in Advancing the Industry

The Food Innovation Center (FIC) in Myanmar is a hub dedicated to research, development, and innovation in the food industry. The primary goal of the FIC is to support food entrepreneurs, farmers, and researchers in developing new food products, improving existing ones, and adopting innovative food processing techniques.

This project will also support the development of new products from agricultural raw in Myanmar and MSME entrepreneurs will have opportunities to produce pilot scale at the center for distributing their new products to the market.

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