WTB-C Labeling Machine


WTB-C Labeling Machine is equipped with microcomputer and LCD screen. The control system adopts LCD and PLC system, and display working information by text, graph and numbers, which is easy to read and input.
WTB-C Labeling Machine is updated production. The machine is an electro mechanics integrating product with a succinct and rational structure. It can label adhesive label on the bottles, tubes properly. It can adjust the output according to the specification of bottles and labels. The machine can be used wide in pharmacy, food and cosmetics industry, it also fits all kinds of containers such as glass or plastic bottles. It can work with normal adhesive label and transparent labels by a good performance. (Adjustments of label inspection sensor please refer to attachment)

Technical Parameter

Model WTB-C
Labeling Speed 80-200 bottle/min (according to the specification, shape of bottle and length of label)
Bottle size bottle with regular shapes 3-15ml Ampoule(standard)
Total power 280w
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Size 1600mm*600mm*1450mm(L*W*H)
Net weight 180kg

Working Condition And Environment

1.Specification of label reel: OD ≤300 mm, ID of Reel 76 mm
Max Width of Labeler (including background leaf) ≤ 50 mm
2.Working temperature: 5~35℃
3.Working humidity 30%~80%, No clotted dew
4.Working environment: No flammable and explosive gas & dust

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