Vegetable Planter Machine


A vegetable planter is a highly automated vegetable sowing machine. You can use different wheels mold for different kinds of vegetables. It is suitable for planting carrots, beets, olives, broccoli, mustard, white radish, kohlrabi, spinach, amaranth, celery, green onions, coriander, sea greens, cabbage, arugula, water spinach, and some other vegetables.
Advantages of using vegetable planter machine
1. Save time and a lot of labor. Compared with manual seeding, the speed of the vegetable sowing machine is more than 15 times that of laborers.
2. The sowing effect is also better. The seedlings of a single plant are stronger, and the yield can be increased by 10 to 20%.
3. This machine is easy to operate. It is popular among people who plant vegetables.
4. It is suitable for many kinds of vegetable sowing. The research and development of vegetable seed planters have to go through years of improvement and advancement. It can meet the needs of customers in all aspects and is suitable for planting various types of vegetables.
5. The core technology research and development team of vegetable planter machine manufacturers is strong. During the research and development of the process, the requirements and details in the accurate seeding process can be fully considered. Therefore, the process of seeding vegetables can be more professional and highly efficient.

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