THG-100 Automatic Liquid Filling And Capping Machine


Machine this department our company draw lessons from foreign advanced technology, a new generation that develops by oneself irritates installation. This machine adopts the piston to measure, collect the electro mechanics, pneumatic in an organic,whole,Controlled by PLC, the structure is compact, designs rationally, fill into accurately, and operate the characteristic such as being reliable, work and with high efficiency, longer-lived steadily. Extensively suitable for fill into, can fill into various kinds of liquid , glue the thick body etc. It can used for various kinds of semi fluid, lotion, sauced material including particle, have a lot of kinds of pouring into amount at your choice.


  • It is that the stainless steel is made to contact with the supplies, totally accord with GMP standard.
  • Living and taking over fast, it is simple and swift to unpick and wash.
  • The filling speed convenient to be adjustable, change different bottles like specification, do not need to change the part , adjust it easily.
  • There is the leak protection device to fill into the head, does not have wire drawing, water clock to irritate the form definitely.

Technical Parameter

Model THG-100
Capacity 20-50 pcs/min
Filling station 4 heads
Capping head one
Applied for 30-150ml
Filling tolerance ±1%
Qualified cap putting ≥98%
Qualified capping ≥98%
Speed control By inverter
Power supply 380V 50Hz/60Hz
Total power 1.8Kw
Outside dimension 3000*900*1700mm
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