Tablet pressing machine



This machine is a fully automatic rotary tablet press machine. It is a device for making various granular raw materials into tablets in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industries.
This machine is suitable for the production of various round, shaped tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, etc.; but not for semi-solid, moist powder and powder compaction (≥100 mesh).

Technical characteristics:

Adopt GMP structure

unframed large window with 20mm thick safety glass

single side compression

unilateral discharge

Fully enclosed automatic feeding

forced feeding

Main pressure 8 tons

Pre-pressure 2 tons

Feeding motor frequency control

computer control tablet weight

Overload, the punch is too tight, the lubrication is insufficient

Suitable for round piece, shaped piece production

Our automatic high-speed rotary tablet press is the second generation of the company’s latest product. It concentrates on the technical features of the domestic automatic high-speed tablet press and has made significant improvements in machine structure and operation control. The machine structure adopts a universal seat, a universal shape, and can replace the punching disc body, thereby realizing the interchange of one machine and multiple types. Industrial PLC automatic control is adopted in operation control, leaving a large development space.

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