Sunflower Oil Production Line


Sunflower seed oil makes large proportion of edible oil market. Sunflower seed oil has many food applications. As a salad oil, it is used in mayonnaise, salad dressings, sauces, and marinades. As a cooking oil, it is used for frying in both commercial and home cooking. Sunflower seed oil is extracted from sunflower seed with Oil pressing machine and  Extraction Machine.

Sunflower seed oil pre-press line

Sunflower seed→Sheller→Kernel and shell separator→Cleaning→ metering →Crusher→Steam cooking→ flaking→  pre-pressing

Sunflower seed oil cake solvent extraction


1.Adopt stainless steel fixed grid plate and increase the horizontal grid plates, which can prevent the strong miscella from flowing back to the blanking case, so as to ensure good extraction effect;

2.Oil extraction is driven by rack, with unique rotor of balanced design, low rotating speed, low power, smooth operation, no noise and quite low maintenance cost;

3.The feeding system can adjust the rotating speed of airlock and main engine according to the feeding quantity and maintain a certain material level, which is beneficial to the micro negative pressure inside the extractor and reduce the solvent leakage.

4.The advanced miscella circulation process is designed to reduce the fresh solvent inputs, reduce the residual oil in meal, improve the miscella concentration and save energy by reducing the evaporation capacity.

5.The high material layer of the extractor helps to form immersion extraction, reduce the meal quality in miscella, improve the quality of crude oil and reduce the evaporation system scaling.

6.Specially suitable for the extraction of various pre-pressed meals.

Sunflower seed oil refinery and dewaxing

Basing on the traditional oil refining technology, Our company has developed the latest combined packing layer plate deodorization soft tower and the physical and chemical mixed refining technology for crude oil of any quality. Moreover, a series of advanced technology and equipment are used, such as super wet degumming, bleaching earth automatic metering, negative pressure decoloring, high vacuum steam jet deodorization, deacidification, winterization dewaxing etc. With advanced technology, superior equipment, full-automatic control and excellent economic and technical parameters, our equipment can meet customers’ different refining requirements at home and abroad.


Main equipment introduction
The pre-cooling tank used here to decrease the temperature first, which save the cooling time in crystallizer tank.

The cooling oil is directly driven into the crystallizer tank for crystallization. The stirring speed is slow during crystallization, generally 5-8 revolutions per minute, so that the oil is evenly cooked and ideal crystal effect is achieved.

Crystal growth
Crystal growth follow by crystallization, which provides condition for the growth of wax.

The crystal oil is filtered by self-pressing first, and when the filtration speed is flow, the variable- frequency screw pump is started, and the filtration is performed when adjusted to a certain rotation speed so as to separate the oil and wax.

The new technical of fractionation invented by our company has high advance technical, stable quality. Compare with the traditional winterization technical of adding filter aid, the new one has characters as follows:
(1) Don’t need to add any filter aid agent, the products are natural and green.
(2) Easy to filter, the product oil has high yield
(3) Pure by-product edible stearin, not contain filter aid agent and can use edible stearin production directly, no pollution.



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