Soap Wrap


Covering the entire range of soap wrapping requirements, offers pillow pack style with heat sealable wrapper material. The range covers from simple stand-alone machine operating at 120 soap cakes per minute to completely integrated automatic packaging line to 440 soap cakes per minute, thus delivering duly flow wrapped and synchronized with secondary packaging equipment.

To suit the complicated conditions existing in the toilet soap cakes / detergent cakes manufacturing industry, the equipment requires minimal maintenance.

Soap cakes are fed manually or automatically from Stamper/ Plodder (up-stream) into the in-feed conveyor.

The broad categories of OIN Soap wrapping equipment are as follows:

1. OIN Soap Wrap machine (stand-alone)

  • Suitable for toilet soaps of any shape and detergent soaps
  • Suitable for medium production demands
  • Manual feeding of soap cakes
  • Quick change over – Possibility of changing to various sizes of products in less time
  • Maximum Speed of the machine is 120 Soap cakes per minute

2. OIN Soap Wrap machine with Intelligent Automatic feeding system

  • Suitable for toilet soaps of any shape and detergent soaps
  • Ease handling of soggy & sticky soaps
  • Suitable for high production demands
  • Gentle handling of soap cakes due to smart belt feeding system
  • High operational speed – Various operations of Machine are controlled by independent motors which are electronically synchronized
  • Quick change over – Possibility of changing to various sizes of products in less time
  • Can be integrated with Secondary Packing system
  • Maximum Speed of the machine is 440 Soap cakes per minute

3. OIN Soap wrap machine with Intelligent Automatic feeding System and integrated with Secondary Packing system

  • Suitable for high Production demands
  • Less manpower requirement
  • Soap cakes are received, fed and pre-packed automatically
  • Collator and segregation unit to collate and segregate the collated Pre-Packs.
  • Easily integrates with Secondary/EOL Equipment’s
Product Length in mm 60 – 180
Product width in mm 40 – 75
Product height in mm 15 – 40
Product width + height in mm ≤ 125
Max. wrapper cut-off length in mm 500
Max. reel width in mm 400

* Maximum Mechanical speed of the machine depends upon the characteristics of Wrapper material and proficiency of the feeding personnel.Note – The above data is for standard machines. For other sizes, please consult MultiPack.

  • Constructed for reliable operation in tough plant conditions
  • Auto Fin seal heating tunnel opening and closing with start and stop of machine
  • Transparent Jaw guards with safety interlock
  • Temperature control of sealing units through PLC
  • Dwell adjustment in running condition
  • User-friendly HMI with process diagnostics
  • 24x7x365 telephone support availability
  • “Rapid response” onsite production support availability
  • Training In-plant/Offsite availability

  • Two-way print mark registration and control
  • Positive wrapper feed drive
  • Data coder
  • Auto splicing unit
  • Air extraction unit
  • Pneumatic / Mechanical gusseting
  • Inline Pin hole arrangement for Aroma creation
  • Product de-sticking arrangement on Infeed conveyor
  • Torque limiter switch to prevent damage in case of accidental jamming of Products
  • Automatic collation unit at outfeed and Secondary packaging for distribution may be integrated at the end of the line.
  • Second cutting head attachment to cut pre-defined no. of packs in strings in small single cake formats.
  • Provision of diverter to divert the Soap cakes when machine stops.
  • Stainless steel guards and covers.
  • Empty Pack rejection system.
  • Wrapper break detection system.
  • Polycarbonate covers for clear visibility.
  • Remote process diagnostics.
  • Extended in-plant “live production” support
  • Preventive maintenance contract
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