SLP Bottle Arranging Machine


SLP sorts round, rectangular and square bottles automatically and places the containers on a conveyor at speeds up to 100 cpm. This unscrambler adopts electronic timing system. The operation is easy and stable. It is useful widely in the pharmacy, food & beverage, cosmetic & personal care industries.


Speeds up to 100 cpm
Handles plastic round, rectangular or square bottles
No-tool changeover
Operation stable and lower noise
full-set protecting device keep operation steady and reliable
Stainless steel frames and cabinets

Technical Parameter

Model SLP
Sorting Speed 40-100 bottles/minute
Bottle Size customized based on the requirements
Dimensions 1000mm×1100mm×1300 mm ( Length × Width × Height )
Weight 280kg
Electrical Requirements Power:500W, Voltage: 220v, Frequency: 50-60HZ(Optional)
Working Direction Left → Right (or Right → Left)
Industry Type(s) Nutraceuticals
Industry Type(s) Pharmaceuticals
Industry Type(s) Cosmetic/Personal Care
Industry Type(s) Food & Beverage
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