septic Filling, Stoppering & Closing Machine (Vial / Eye-Drop)


We developed the KDW-U120 (eye-drop unscrambler); it is designed for eye-drops…etc. It is suitable for small bottle as 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 15ml & other small volume bottles.


1. In order to meet Aseptic Preparation standard, it without any pneumatic components & adopted mechanical transmission with servo motor, PLC controller & HMI to enable the function of working station more accuracy & more easy for operation the machine.
2. It equipped the auto supplement bottles device to prevent the possibility of causing contaminated which supplement bottles manually.
3. Two steps of orientated to ensure the bottles direction correctly.
4. Easy to change over the size change parts.
5. The machines can be equipped with laminar air flow for operations requiring a particle-free and clean air environment. (Option)
6. Adopt transparent safety guard (made of glass or PC material) & specifically designed for isolation gloves (Option) to prevent the contaminated.


Bottle Range (mm)  Φ15-30 H 25-70
Power / consumption  220V 50/60Hz  1phase / 1.5KW
Capacity  Max.120 bottles/minute
Machine size (cm)  150 x 80 x 160
Machine weight  250Kg
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