Screw Juice Extractor Machine


The Juicer machine is made of stainless steel and consists of a frame, transmission system, inlet, juice pressing part, hydraulic system, protective cover, and motor. People mainly use it to extract the juice from fruit such as apple, pear, lemon, etc., and other raw materials. Different models bear different capacities, that is, from 200kg/h-10t/h, and you can choose one in accordance with your need. Today I will introduce you to two types of machines including a single screw juicer machine and a double screw juicer machine.

The spiral juicer is also called a screw juice extractor, which is used for solid-liquid separation operations for fibrous materials or viscous materials. Such as fermented grape skin residue, ginger, spinach, rubber, Chinese herbal medicine, winter jujube, and other fruit and vegetables. It is also used for continuous juice extraction of sea buckthorn with small twigs. The mesh hole is specially made according to the size of the sea buckthorn. It is also used in environmental protection industries, such as press dewatering of market waste and kitchen waste.

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