Screw & Brush Roller Potato Washing Peeling Machine


The screw & brush roller potato washing peeling machine adopts 9 brush rollers, the spiral discharge, and the spraying device, which has a strong cleaning ability for fully washing and peeling potatoes and removing sands, dust, and other impurities, without damage to materials.

brush rollers with different shapes and sizes

brush rollers with different shapes and sizes

Spiral device, push the potatoes forward and discharge automatically

Spiral device

Water tray

Water tray


  • Different sizes and shapes of brush rollers are available for processing different materials.
  • It is made of 304 stainless steel square pipe and stainless steel plate.
  • The speed control motor is a Siemens motor. The speed and washing peeling time are adjustable as per your need.
  • It is equipped with a water tray to prevent the water from flowing to the ground, so the potato chips plant can be clean and dry.
  • The cover can be added for safety operations.
  • The timer is to set the washing and peeling time, the alarm is to give notice after finishing work.
  • The elevator can be added to the peeling machine for easy loading and discharging evenly.
  • Specifications of Screw& Brush Potato Washing Peeling Machine
Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
LX-2000 2000kg/h 3kw 450kg 2700*850*1300mm
LX-2400 2400kg/h 3kw 480kg 3000*850*1400mm
LX-2600 3000kg/h 4kw 600kg 3100*850*1450mm
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