Saladin Box Malting System Machine


Malting device comprises steeping device, germination equipment, drying equipment. When steeping, the automatic control of water, drainage, ventilation and spray, for a number of different steeping methods. Steeping into the end stage of germination, Saladin box is the most commonly used germination equipment in modern times, including germination box and ventilation device. It can automatically control the supply air temperature, humidity, to meet the requirements to ensure the germination. The drying treatment of the wheat layer is automatically carried out according to the single-layer high-efficiency drying program, and the semi-return air or full return air of the drying exhaust air is implemented to reduce energy consumption. The entire production process is automated.


  • Complete material processing, the material part is in contact with the sanitary stainless steel
  • High degree of automation to reduce production costs
  • Meet different quality barley production technology to produce high-quality malt
  • Energy saving and consumption reduction


Steeping Tank Capacity 10t/Batch, at the bottom have the heat preservation device and under-arm
L*W*H 3600*3600*4500mm
Install ventilation mouth at the bottom
Install the floating overflow groove on the top of the box
Material Stainless steel 304
Germinating and Kilning Box Capacity 10T/Batch, Including Sieve Plate
L*W*H 18000*2000*1700mm
Chest Wall Thickness 2mm
Malt Turner Boosting Speed 0.4-0.5m/Min
Malt Turner Rotating Speed 8-9R/Min
Material Stainless steel 304
Malt Deculming Machine Production Capacity 10T/h
L*W*H 3000*1500*2500mm
Total power 15kw
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