Pet Food Extruder Machine


As Pet Food Extruder Machine manufacturers had designed High Quality Twin Screw pet Extruders used for pet food and fish feed production, developed and tested. The major components of the machine included the feeder hopper, the conditioning chamber (can be choose), the barrel that was a screw member housing and the screw with the die and die holder fitted at the extreme end of the barrel.Twin-screw pet extruder process is mainly composed of a barrel housing and screw, fulfilling extrusion operation together with a die and cutting assembly. The twin- screw pet extruder is characterised by its wide adaptability, sliding conveying in the barrel and self-cleaning function, etc. The twin-screw extruder is usually applied in the production of pet food and fish feed.

Model Installed Power Power Consumption Output Size (L*W*H)
PFE-65-1 47KW 30KW 180kg/h 3500x950x1850mm
PFE-70-1 53KW 37KW 200-250kg/h 3200x760x2000mm
PFE-85-1 99KW 75KW 500kg/h 3800*1100*2350mm
PFE-75-2 98KW 75kw 200-500kg/h 5200*1100*2800mm
PFE-95-2 142kw 110KW 600-1200kg/h 6400*3000*3000mm
PFE-115-3 142kw 110kw 2T-3Tg/h 6400*3000*3000mm
PFE-130-3 200kw 170kw 4T-5Tkg/h 6400*3000*3000mm
Applied Products:Cat food, Dog food, Bird fodd,fish feed, ,Shrimp feed, Floating fish feed, Tilapia pellet,Sinking feeds,Turtle feed,Crab Feed
The parameter of single screw extruder and double screw extruder
Conveying manner Feed mash is conveyed forward by friction Feed mash is forced to solid forword
Felf cleaning function unavailable Excellent self-cleaning performance
Running Stable and occasional blockage Stable and reliable
Heat distribution of feed No-uniform Uniform
Ingredient adaptability Common Wider (inel. Ingredient rich of moisture and fat)
Moisture content of ingredient 10-30% 5-95%
Product variety Limited Various
Capacity Common Relatively High
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